Red Dead Redemption will take you on an exciting open world journey that you've never experienced before.

User Rating: 10 | Red Dead Redemption X360
Imagine yourself in a land where nothing is predictable, and everything is possible. Imagine Cowboy boots and wild horses, wanted men and shoot outs at any given moment. As you take on this open world, you go about in the days of the life of John Marston. The further along you go the more you will come to see how exciting and close to real life this game really is. As soon as you step off the train in Armadillo, look around at the similarities this game shares with other Rockstar franchises like Grand theft Auto (except there are horses).If you love that game, you will truly come to love this one. The controls and HUD are very familiar here, and help you a whole lot as you begin to travel from New Austin, to West Elizabeth and my favorite, Nuevo Paraiso.
At the start of your journey you step into a city where no one knows who you are, but as you continue to go about in the game (either helping around, or making trouble) people will to start to know your name. Some people are friendly and some people will stab you in the back. This is what makes the unpredictable nature of the game extremely intriguing.
The further along in the missions you go, the further along in the maps you go as well, meeting people from various backgrounds. There are side missions and games within the game (at the Saloons), that makes for very enjoyable experiences and extended play. If you play your cards right, you can easily become friends with a lot of people in New Austin (and make a lot of money as well). This will truly help you when you are in need of very valuable information. As Red Dead goes on the more you really feel Marston's character. The hunting experiences are out of this world. There is even one point where it feels like your on a roller coaster.
The good thing about this game is that if you are stuck on one mission, you can still proceed to the next and return to it later, all the while never missing any links to the story. As I stated before there are some side missions that are really cool and add more thrill to the game. You can go out and catch wanted men, lasso them to your horse and take him in to jail. You can also help out someone trying to find a friend. The more you help these people, the more you gain respect, the easier it is to get help for yourself along the way.
You get your own horse, a place to stay at the start of the game. A young lady whom you befriend early on in the game helps you and shows you around town. She is a very important piece in this story so pay attention to what she teaches you. You can become well known in this game for either all the right,or all the wrong reasons, either way you will be a very famous character. Speed is your best friend, especially in matches or simply just trying to keep up.
The shoot outs and horses are amazing. This huge world that you get to play in is incredible. Being able to go from one end of the map to other and watch the settings and atmosphere change is so real that it seems unreal, yet beautiful. The story overall is jaw dropping, whether it makes you mad and frustrated, creeped out or sad. I promise you will really enjoy this game and get your monies worth.