User Rating: 5 | Red Dead Redemption X360
The only reason I have played more than 20 hours is because I own it, but tthis game is a tad overrated, what I got from this is something I dont expect from Rockstar, this game is souless

Undead Nightmare if you get it , excellent horse riding, bounty hunting

Nothing fun to do, poker isnt fun and neither is helping a lot of people that will give you money that you probably never use, searching a lot of hours for animals is not fun either, herding cattle, patroling houses, are things I simply didnt expect

When I buy a Rockstar game I want a Rockstar experience let me give you ideas and things you can let me do in RDR 2
- Jack Trains
-Protect my Territories from outlaws
- Rob Banks
-date whores
-Create a gang
-put in more cities and people and remove the empty deserts that have nothing except sand and rocks