The best RPG since Ocarina of Time.

User Rating: 8 | Red Dead Redemption X360
Your a former outlaw working for the government in a midwest era unitedstates, seeking redemption for your horrific crimes. In the end, crime doesnt pay, but redemption has a sweet spot.
The game play is profundly entertaining, witha beautiful open world, that will surprise you with is immensity, i promise. The shooting is oldschool, with gangs and crooks, bank robberies, jail breakouts, treasure hunting, hunting, and just enough mystery to satisfy the imagnination. The Main story is compelling, and offers variation, though not much. There literally endless side quests that will grant endless gameplay. Your tools will develop as your character grows, to your own preferance, and your prefered style will change the worlds out look on you.
In the end, plot screwing twist will leave your jaw hanging, and make you reflect on the important story line.
I recomend this revolutionary game to everyone, as it raises the bar a few levels. (Especially you like Westerns)