What's wrong with gamers these days?

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I had a bounty in Blackwater and was going upwards to $5000 for the challenge, and two people in a posse came in and tried to take it from me--totally reasonable. I was in public free roam after all and they had every right to try. But they couldn't and I kept killing them, until they decided to kick me. Not simply leave Blackwater, no, they just kicked me because I wouldn't stand still and let them kill me.

Gamers these days...



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They were upset that you ruined their 'YEAH LETS TEAM THIS GUY MWUHAHAHA!' moment. But to simply just walk away after you embarrassed them? No! They want to have the last word. It's probably a pride thing, I dunno... I wish I could play multi though.
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I really think that's it, unfortunately. And sorry you can't. That would be tough...
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I'm happy you handed those kids their arses and as far as I'm concerned "theyre a couple of little b****es and you got the last word when they kicked you" Congrats on being a bad a** btw :) kids these days.... Ashamed people like that are roaming around my fave game but I never even tried the multi. Always assumed it was broken.