Looking For Posse Members Now

#1 Posted by SLJJDBMDB114 (131 posts) -

Anyone want to posse up and go after trophies online and even some of the more annoying ones?  It seems like when you go online these days there is either alot of people on or only a couple.  If anyone wants to do trophy hunting add me... PSN: FIREFIGHTER_SJ

#2 Posted by Stoopid_Fool (747 posts) -

I'll add you sometime today or tomorrow, just so u know I just started playing like 4 days ago so I don't have all the weapons or whatever. ALso do you have a mic?

#3 Posted by SLJJDBMDB114 (131 posts) -

Yea I am only level 15 so I am in the same position.  Yes, I do have a mic

#4 Posted by Stoopid_Fool (747 posts) -

AIght cool, I added your PSN so whenever you're ready jsut add me an we'll play.