Undead Nightmare problems.

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I just bought RDR: GOTY and after playing the original for a bit (just familiarizing myself with the controls and mechanics seeing as I borrowed the game from a friend and beat it ages ago), I decided to try out Undead Nightmare.  So far it seems as if the 2nd disc hates me.  After putting it in initially the game would flat out not load.  It started after I reset the Xbox, but then it stopped on the loading screen for starting the game.  I took a break for a bit, and when I tried again I finally started making progress.  However once I made it to Blackwater and met a female survivor, the game's audio cut out and I could not hear their conversation.  She appeared to give me a torch and then I was tasked with burning corpses.  Only problem was that the torch was unequippable and when I pressed pause the whole menu would not appear.  I finally just gave up.  After spending 20 minutes on google, it seems that nobody else has experienced such game breaking problems.  The strangest thing of all this is that it is a brand new copy that has never been opened!

I know it seems like I may just be making this all up, but I assure you I am not.  Even as I am typing this I realize how ridiculous this all sounds, but it is all true.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  (I'll take any advice at the moment, I was really looking forward to playing Undead Nightmare).

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You need to go on XBox Live and get the update and the problem should be fixed. simple as that.

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long time I know but im having the same problems its just when I go to blackwater and talk to the guy and don't hear what hes saying and then I cant use guns and cant find the next part of the mission because half the city isn't loaded help plz I just bought the gold pack with both first one works fine its just this one game help plz