Recoil Cheats For PC

  1. Secret to get a nuke and homing missles

    On the last part of the first mission, you will see a little shack behind a few trees. Destroy the trees and blow the shack. A small car will come out and run around. Chase it and smash into it to get a free nuke. Remember the shack? Go back inside to find a homing missle.

    Contributed by: Ryan Two 

  2. Various Cheats and codes

    During gameplay, press ''Ctrl+x'' and type the following(without the quotes):
    ''cavalry'' for invincibility
    ''hemmit'' to enable all weapons
    ''medic'' to strengthen your shields to full strength
    ''killjoy'' to get free hover technology

    PS:Codes are case sensitive

    Contributed by: EHazarika 

  3. Invisibility

    Press Ctrl+X to bring up the console, then type invisibility and you will turn invisible.

    Contributed by: gameprsn