A Classic

The classification that I apply to this game comes with a clause. Still. That's right this is a game I ask you to pick up blow of the dust and play it, reminisce, show your children, whatever just play this game again.

It is dated, the graphics won't hold up to those of today's next gen console but this game is just so good you won't care. It starts of fairly easy and lulls you into a false sense of security. Before you know it you are in over your head...
OK it's not that bad but it will challenge the casual gamer.

The power ups were original fresh, not over abundant, few not few and far between. This led to quite balanced game play although some of the boss levels when the fireball suit was effectively useless this became a problem (or skill tester).

It's hard to believe this was the game that got me into gaming, some 17 years ago. While it has aged and may not be as slick as some games these days it holds it own and provides a challenge for anyone to first pick it up still.

Pleas play it again. I will be.