It was worth the wait!!!

When I picked the game up and started getting into the learning curve it, I would say took about 8-15 min - that's if you haven't play the pc version, like me. Once into the game the graphic engine just blew me away, the pixel texture was amazing, it was almost like being draw into the world your self. Since the memory also was a factor in making the game to the xbox, it downsized for those who would not have widescreen HD monitors, since with HD the picture is a perfect pixel interlude. Into the game although with HD I did see some sketchy work because of the | memory - graphics card | but it was a mind boggling experince to see how great of a job they did do on the game! Graphics: With the HD you will see a slight chop effect, although on the regular tv's your game play is alot more amazing. Lighting was probably most impressive with the water reflection comming close behind it, blood look extremely real. Sound: They had to cut some things in order to get the memory to the absolute best graphic engine they made, so I found some sound a little dissapointing it was a experince with a cut here and there with the static, I guess that is what was my problem - but hey it is supposed to be there. Gameplay: If you have ever played halo you would know the reviews they gave that game due to the unbeliveable imagination the creators had, well same thing with doom 3. It is original and at a whole new chapter it is more of a prequel than a sequel. What you follow throughout the game is something unexpected, which suprised me (hey go figure) and so it was scary as the first horror game "Alone in the dark" this aspect gives the game a edge that you cannot grab from any other game. In a conclusion if you can take on the outbreak that speads and destroys all races that it comes in contact with and also you can play a game that you beat the living **** out of creatures | Perfect game for you. Also I must say the weapons are amzing and also you should really try out evey combo with this game, those weapons are really coming from a ingenious staff..... Final: Buy / Rent This Game