A nice little racing game with Remote Controlled Cars.

User Rating: 7.5 | Re-Volt PC
this is a racing game with remote controlled cars.it was released in 1999 & it's outdated from every aspect.not even in the year of it's release was great.it has bad gameplay.the cars go chaotic,you can't control them as you want.they have bad grip especially at corners,i most of the casses they slip & it's very frustrating.but anyway,it's a very colourfull game & fun overall that you'll enjoy it for a couple of days.
for me it was obvious that was inspired from f-zero of the snes.basically it has the same ideea.it's definitely NOT better than f-zero.
there are 8 cars in the competition.you will advance if you finish in top 3.
through out the race you pick up weapons & fire them into the opppnents(obvious).this is the best part of the game.
the game has championship,time-trial,practice,stunt-arena,multi-player & the most common,the single race.at the championship mode,you have 4 modes to choose from:
junior rc-reduced speed,simple collision
console-full speed,simple collision
arcade-full speed,simple car collision
simulation-full speed,realistic collision.
there is a wide range of rc cars to choose from.a lot of cars!rich inventory.the most interesting one is the ufo:) you can skip a lot of obstacles with it that the other ones can't.
there are 7-8 locations that you play twice.the second time in the reverse,backward mode.this are:toys in the hood,super market,ghost town,toy-tanic,botanical garden,museum etc.4 races at every cup in the championship mode.the cups are bronze,silver,gold & platinum cup.the last one makes an exception-it has 5 races.the last race in the game takes place on the toy-tanic,part 2 where it's raining & you have to do 6 long laps.
this game also has an track-editor to create your own tracks which is very exciting.
this game could have been good,but it's only fair.