RC de GO! Cheats For PlayStation

  1. New Game+

    If you beat the Championship Mode and save the game at the last part,you will be able to play New Game+.In this mode,you have to start all over again and all your purchased parts except for body parts will be returned to the shop but you can now buys new body parts for your racing car.

    Contributed by: PCheah 

  2. Upgraded Body.

    Code Effect
    Get a gold cup in any of the same levels of the championship cup on road and off road tracks. Upgraded Body

    Contributed by: Keith Valentine 

  3. Obtaining Special body parts.

    By winning each course (On road or off road),you can obtain these body parts depends on which course you have won.

    Code Effect
    Win course 1 Bear no.3
    Win course 2 RC Ambulance
    Win course 3 Road Roller
    Win course 4 RC-Train
    Win course 5 GT-1TS
    Win course 6 Tank

    Contributed by: PCheah 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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Other Parts List by KasketDarkfyre 8K
FAQ FAQ by gameoverDude 20K