The Berlin maps rocks! Good co-op. In places nice graphfics. Good controls. Very good online play.

The Call of duty series is something i love to play. But this time i was a little disappointed. Fighting against the Japanese army was dull and uninspired,
I've got the feeling that it was not very elaborated. Same thing with the Pacific ocean campaign.

But all of that changes when you get to the Red Army campaign. Its there Call of duty starts! You begin lying down in a fountain in Stalingrad, where the Germans are executing all the Red army survivors.
You will get you'r revenge and the journey towards Berlin begins!

The Berlin campaign is one of the best playable action sequence I've ever seen in a game. The Germans are fleeing the streets of Berlin and try to make a last stand in the parliament building.
I am running on the streets and chasing the Nazi bastards. I'm jumping through a window, there are Germans everywhere, I'm hit! Now i grenade should come in handy, KA-BOOM!
I'm jumping out back on the streets follow the Germans down the subway tunnels to hunt them down! Now this is Call of duty!