Buy it used !

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Hey some of us remember the screwing Ubisoft gave Nintendo so I will be buying this used.  Hopefully many others will do the same and hopefully the game is a flop in terms of sales/profits for Ubisoft.

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Oh hell yea

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Yes, let's punish the ENTIRE company for a choice a few higher-ups made. Seriously, this is why most boycotts are so poorly though out. The development team, when told they had to keep working on the game for another six months by their superiors to make it multi-platform, went up and beyond and added lots of levels and content to the already finished game. Those hard-working developers deserve to be rewarded for their hard work and shouldn't be punished because of what their superiors did. Because if you do punish them for that then you're essentially screwing them over just as bad as their superiors did.