Rayman Arena is a good game to play for the younger, but it needs really tight nerves at times.

User Rating: 5.5 | Rayman Arena PC
The Rayman series are continued with a spin-off of the second game. However, this game bears no resemblance to the previous succeses of UbiSoft, and it is, indeed, a laclustre spin-off.

First of all, the presentation of the game is not good. The interfaces of the main menu feature some good icons, but when you click at them, you will be driven to the next menu through a meanless procedure of flying into space. Luckily, these transitions can be turned off when you click.

The gameplay is divided into two modes: the first one is racing levels. There, you climb walls, sneak through flames or thunderbolts, in order to finish first in the level, after three laps.

The second, is the battle mode. There you will have either to capture as many lums as you can, or you will have to fight your opponents to death.

Progressing further into the game is a bit complex situation, as you will have to finish some certain levels in both modes and in two different types of games in order to progress to the next league. There are four different leagues which you must beat in order to beat the game itself.

There must be noticed, though that the game becomes harder because of the default controls of the game. It is also difficult to configure them, especially when there are three or four players.

The multiplayer mode is good. Two players can play at one PC, while with a LAN connection, the game supports up to four playeres, two on each system.

The graphics and sound of the game are good. The game's fairly low system requirements allow it to run at a reasonably smooth frame rate throughout all its modes, though the game exhibited some graphical bugs. The characters of the game are approximately the same as in Rayman 2, drawn the same way. There are some problems with the sound, even when they seem to be good. But the music both in the game and on the menus is fairly good.

The game is good. But is better on GC and PS2. The awful interface, the problematic graphics and the difficult controls are the reasons for the game's mediocre image.