A great little game.

User Rating: 9.1 | Rayman Arena GC
This game is just loads of fun to play. When you have all your friends over and you're racing through the cool courses in this game, you'll be completely satisfied with your purchase. The levels are LOADED with secrets and shortcuts, you'll barely have to go five seconds without a chance to speed ahead of your competition using rings and hidden switches. Its great to play with your friends you've never played with before, and all of the sudden you're 2 laps ahead of them, because you've been way up in the air the whole level, skipping over all the problems they've been facing. The game is only really lacking in the battle mode. Battle mode is ok, just a little flawed and not as fun as the race mode. The music is fine too, but it earns its ten from the awesome sound you get when you use confuse on another player. I call it the "Drunken Leprechaun" By now it should be pretty cheap and a definite buy!