Rayman Advance Cheats For Game Boy Advance

  1. No Evil Rayman

    In Candy Chateau Stage 2, Evil Rayman first appears by collecting the spark in front of you when you start. Back off when you begin, than run, jump, and helicopter over the spark. Make sure don't touch it. Now you can make your away through the level without Evil Rayman!

  2. Unlock Secret World: Candy Chateau

    To unlock the secret world ''Candy Chateau'' Find all electoons in every level.

    (note: to tell if you have every electoon in each level, the level should turn into a pink smiley face)

  3. Unlimited Continues

    When you run out of lives and the Continue screen comes up, enter the code. Now press start to continue (you must have at least 1 continue left for this to work), look at the number near the clock and you'll see that you didn't lose a single continue!
    Note: Only works when you have three or fewer continues.

    Code Effect
    UP DOWN RIGHT LEFT Unlimited Continues
  4. Pause screen cheats

    Enter these codes at the pause screen.

    Code Effect
    R, up, left, right, left, L Get 25 Blue Tings
    Left, Right, Down, Right, Left, R Have 99 Lives
    R, Up, Left, Right, Left, L Have all items
    Up, Left, Right, Down, Right, L Unlock all levels - NOTE: The level circles won't be visible
    Right, Up, Right, Left, Right, R Invincible
    Down, Left, Right, Left, Up, L Have every power
    Hold Start, Press L , Down, Up, Down, R Restore Health
  5. All Electoons

    Highlight any level on the map screen. Instead of pressing ''A'' to play, enter the code. You should now have all the electoons in that level.

    Code Effect
    Select, B, and R together (2x) All Electoons

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