Fun game with lots of action from a little man with no limbs.

User Rating: 7 | Rayman 3 MOBI
-*-~ Rayman 3 ~-*-

Graphics - 7/10 - The graphics on this game are average compared to all the mobile games out there. The character you play as is very funny because he has no arms or legs.

Sound - 5/10 - The sound isn't that good but its got some snappy little jingles to tap your feat to.

Gameplay - 8/10 - Fun to play when your bored but won't have you glued to it for hours. The style is very much the same all through the game. This game can get addictive if played for too long.

Value - 6/10 - The game is quite good for what you payed for it and if your looking for a fun game to play when you have nothing ot do this game is just for you!

Over all i give this game a well earned 7/10 for its efforts! Its good fun to play when your bored but you won't be playing it into all hours of the night.