One of the Playstation Greats.

User Rating: 9.5 | Rayman 2: The Great Escape PS
Chances are you've heard of Rayman. He's that guy with no arms, legs, or neck that throws his fists. The first Rayman received mixed reviews, me personally, I loved that game. But Rayman 2 was just a huge leap in quality, and all I can say is that it turned into one of the Playstation "must-play"s.

It's a 3-D world, unlike the first. There are just so many differences between the two games, that the only similarity is that it's about Rayman. This game improved upon your punching abilities, allowing you to throw orbs instead of your fists, and later on charge those orbs into powerful blasts. This one also had the concept of as you progress, you gain more abilities, such has powering up your fist - orbs, the ability to fly and not just glide, to grab onto "lums" or those hoops in the air. The music is great, and the graphics are spectacular for its time, and the gameplay is very interactive and "actiony."

I highly recommend this game, for it is one of the Playstation greats.