One of my Favorite Rayman series game

User Rating: 10 | Rayman 2: The Great Escape PS
Even though I played Rayman 2: the Great Escape for Nintendo 64, this version is much better and worth playing. This one allows the characters to speak in perfect English while the one for N64 is just gibberish. Also I enjoy fighting Robot-Pirates because it makes me feel like a hero defending the world from evil. What's really strange is that there are Robot-Ninjas who are similar to the pirates, but much stronger, more difficult, and trickier. Their faces are different and their hooks are gold instead of silver. Anyways, I got to listen to the characters' dialogues and who voiced them. I like this version of Rayman 2 better than the N64 type. It's a good thing I found this game at Game Crazy. Game Crazy also sells vintage video games in which you'll be giving a chance to play them.