This game put's you in Neo's shoes.

This game put's you in Neo's shoes. You can make choices that the Neo in the movie didn't make with different results. Has a good mix of movie clips, weapons, opponents, and combat moves. You can do things that only The One can do and fight 9 on 1 like it was nothing. You can chose the order of missions later on. Agent battles are fun and the amount of detail in the characters is quite amazing. The game is a bit long and seems to strech out a bit around the end of the game. The A.I. isn't very bright but workable. The game had a few new things that the movie never did. The final big fight with Mr. Smith was fun, but the big boss battle at the end was weak and easy to beat with only 2 necissary controls dodge, attack, dodge, attack...
Over all the game was fun and well balanced though