Rayman 2 looks alot better and fun to play.

User Rating: 8.8 | Rayman 2: The Great Escape PS
The first Rayman wasn't very good but Rayman 2 is alot better,its 3d graphics,more fun and I enjoy this game it took me two days to finish this.
The main story is about Raymans worlds and these robot pirates are captureing citizens anmaking them into slaves and they destroyed the heart of the world meaning that the lums have scatted all over the worls and everyone is getting weak. You start making your escape in the pirateship thanks to your friend Globox he gives rayman his powers back from a fairy called Ly so once you escaped and jumped of the slave ship you have to find your friends,collect the four mask to awake this powerful god to help you, and stop the Razorbeard and the robot pirates and bring freedom back to your world.
The gamplay is funand very simple you use you hands to throw gold shperes at baddies free people from cages ,you can fly,swim,and swing across to other places. Sound and enviroments are amazing you'll enjoy this game alot if your looking for a good psone game you should and play this game.