Bioshock supplies an awesome first person action experiences inside one of the most immersive stories this generation

Simply put, Bioshock is an outstanding game in many ways. It has stellar production values, amazing voice acting, an immersive story, a haunting and creepy atmosphere, and a non-punishing difficulty system. There are some issues with the game though such as odd controller issues for some people, and a short game length (12-14 hours max). What Bioshock lacks in length is makes up for with pure substance and story which will make you immersed into the distraught underground Utopia of Rapture.

Bioshock's magnum opus without a doubt is the environments the player is immersed in throughout the game. They are beautiful and crafted with every detail in mind. The graphics in this game are powered by the Unreal Engine 3 and it was used to it's full advantage. The game is hauntingly beautiful and is seared into the memories of all who play it. The vibrant colour schemes are contrasted by the dark and grim happenings in the city. The art-deco feel in the city is amazing to look at and it just feels right. The sound in the game is simply fantastic. The original score is one of the best seen in any games. It's oscar-worthy and it really does an excellent job of bringing the game to life. It adds to the creepy factor of the game and makes the game one of the most memorable experiences.

The story in Bioshock is amazing and without having spoilers I'll just say it's brilliant. It's told similar to the Half Life series, few cut scenes. The story is told on the go and you also learn more about the city through audio diaries you find around the city. They are amazing to listen to and the voice acting is superb. The characters in the story are some of the most interesting in any game like the leader of the Utopia Andrew Ryan or your friend Atlas.

Talking about gameplay, Bioshock has it all. It provides a unique experience never seen before and also does the standard first person shooter to decent effect. Through the use of plasmids and tonics the player can become a somewhat superhuman force, you can shoot bees, freeze people, shock them, or do a multitude of other cool effects. The first person shooting is o.k, nothing really great nothing that's bad. There is no power behind the guns and they are unrealistically portrayed. Funny thing is I didn't need to use a gun at all until some parts of the game so it won't matter. The enemies in the game are amazing as well. Splicers are some of the creepiest enemies I've fought against. They genuinely frighten you at times and they have insane dialogues which really are effective. Big Daddies are another enemy which I'm amazed at. They are some of the most intimidating beings of all time when you first see them but as you get more powerful you feel more confident against them. The interactions between them and the little sisters are awe inspiring to say the least.

Bioshock is an excellent game in the end and well worth a purchase especially that it is 29.99 now. Despite the short value the game is relatively solid throughout. There are some technical glitches which I and others experienced but nothing so bad that is destroys the experience. If you are a sucker for good story telling or just want a fun game that'll make you think a bit go for Bioshock. You won't regret it.