With Clank taking a backseat how does Ratchet do without him.

User Rating: 8 | Ratchet: Deadlocked PS2
This is the 4th Ratchet game in the series and the 4th to be released on PS2 is the formula running out of steam or does Deadlocked give it a welcome.


The story goes that famous superheroes are being captured and forced to compete on this new Gladiator type reality show Dreadzone, Ratchet gets captured by Vox the mastermind behind it and he has to compete to prove he is the top man in the universe by shooting yourself to the top of the Rankings and eliminating certain contestants at times.


This game takes a much different path to previous games it has you having to achieve certain objectives to move on. First you have the main mission and then you have the other Dreadzone Challenges where some need to be completed to access the next planet. Whilst Clank doesn't have a big role Ratchet certainly has some help from 2 Dreadbots as well as Clank and Big Al giving them help through a communicator.

The weapons are mainly some you have seen before but new weapons like a Scorpion Flail,Holoshield Shield Launch and Dual Vipers are some nice new weapons but there isn't many. Unlike previous games though they don't seem to max out throughout the campaign they just keep leveling up. The game isn't hard though it is quite easy and can be done in about 8 hours maybe less but there really isn't much else to go back for. Skill Points are alot different this time as you acquire them through events as well. It is a bit to familiar to other games and not having replay value hurts it and some of the mission variety is virtually nearly the same for every section with nodes and that lot.


Well basically the same as you expect as it was in the other games. The acting has always been good with certain funny lines and this isn't an exception except not as much. The commentators don't want you to succeed but what is really annoying is they will say most of the same stuff over and over again.


Not along game about 8 hours the missions aren't varied as other games in the series and not really to much to go back for.

Overall Opinion

Ratchet Deadlocked isn't a bad game in the series it just isn't up to the standard of the previous PS2 installments. It's always fun blowing stuff up but the variety in missions is lacking and also it's missing Clank having a major role in the series. Overall not a bad game but certainly not Ratchets finest.

Overall Score 7.9