NFS MW Review.

The game starts with some cutscenes and races. After a while, you'll get control of the car and during the race Mia will call you to tell Razor sabotaged your car. So you lose the race, your car belongs to Razor and you get busted. Sometime after, you get free and you'll have to buy a low-stats car... It's all about climbing up the Blacklist (15 characters to beat, each has its own races, from easy to mindbreaking...

Graphics //

They're very realistic, the road is well textured and so is everything else (except for the traffic, and then I mean taxi's, etc... not the trucks.) Also the rain that splatters on your screen has been done very well, it really get's splashed onto your screen and everything you'll see in the drip is vaporous. The cutscenes are perfect: hilarious, revealing, and best of all... real life look alike.


Gameplay //

You'll get lots of cars; from Volkswagen to Lamborghini... Each has it's own specifications, and you get to tune it up like you want it. The visuals rock, you'll have plenty spoilers, body kits, hood/roof scoops, and much more! The cops are back and you'll notice that... In the beginning it's fun to have a pursuit, you can easily loose them by just ramming into a gas station so they can't go any further. and do a 180° to end up in the car wash and loose them... But when you progress the game gets harder and harder... (do not smash your keyboard please)


Sound //

The game has about 25 tracks thanks to EA Trax. All I can say is: it's great! That's for the soundtrack. The cars have each their own sound for gas, brakes, ... .


Value //

The blacklist can be done in 2-3 weeks, and then u still have the Challenge series (about 65 race events) and the online mode. If you've done that, u can still tune your cars, buy cars by completing races and play with the cops...


Reviewer's Tilt //

The game's great, I actually couldn't find ONE shortcoming :p So urhm... all I can say is ... Maybe you'll get tired of it after a month, maybe two? :p