BEST VISUALS EVER! Ratchet's platfoming is as addictive and fun as ever and clank's is more interesting.

User Rating: 10 | Ratchet & Clank Future 2 PS3
The visuals are simply incredible! They said the first PS3 Ratchet delivered a "you are playing a Pixar movie experience" but it was nothing compared with this! When you see the first movie scene it looks like one of those special high graphics sections they put in at certain parts of the story line. (Like in the Sonic or Spyro games.) But when the gameplay comes in and you look carefully at Ratchet it still has a consistent incredible texture, shimmer, and detail. I suppose it's ever so slightly less, but they've come a long way with the graphics.(The Self shadowing alone is a big improvment.)
Playing Ratchet is still extremely fun and responsive, Clank got some more abilities and now there's a new space free roam. I would have to say that the space isn't as fun as in previous games just in the fact that you can't go up and down, but you can still fly around a decent area and get ship upgrades by collecting Zoni. This game has a whole new feel to it, when you wonder around the village in the beginning it feels immersive and interesting because of the people going about their business and whispering to each other about you. (And then of course there is the visuals to make everything look more realistic) This is still definitely a fun and funny game in the R&C series. (there is more Quark and they've brought back the best villain ever.)