While the puzzles in the game are really well done, the series is starting to show it's age and is in need of a facelift

User Rating: 8 | Ratchet & Clank Future 2 PS3
First off all, don't get me wrong. I really liked the game, but I can also be honest enough to admit that the game is really starting to show it's age and each new episode in the ratchet and clank universe is getting more and more formulaic in nature.

The puzzles are the best part of the new game, but the overall experience still feels too familiar and too "been there, done that" for my taste.

I think Insomniac games would be much better suited to start a whole new platformer series with a new direction. This series is a lot of fun, but until they think of a way to truly reinvent this game, I don't see much motivation to do more than simply rent these games. As after the first time beating it, there really isn't any reason to go back and play the game again.

That the problem with puzzles in games as well. They are great fun the first time through, but after that they don't offer much replay value at all. A reason why Ico, an amazing game, had next to zero replay value.

This game has fun weapons and good level designs, but I just feel like the series has worn it's welcome and PS3 fans deserve something a little more new and fresh IMO.

Still, a really fun game.