this game is totally awsome and worth buying and keeping.

User Rating: 10 | Ratchet & Clank Future 2 PS3
i would defently suggest this game to every single person on this planet. this game is tottaly awsome.its got a great story,graphics, and great space preaty much go just rachet sometime with quark,mostley either with asmeth until u get clank after that i dont know. i defienty like to the fight areana that is on a ship in one of the sectors u go into.this game is tottaly worth getting. ive played for two days streat almost with stoping to eat, sleep and going to the bathroom.this game is definetly one to get. it is the should defiently give it a try and play it. trust me its a very good game and a defently solid in everyway.this game is very very very very worth getting. you should defiently buy this game. it is worth your time. you should give ten thumbs up. way up there now people