Ratchet & Clank Collection Cheats For PS3

  1. Ratchet and Clank Trophies

    There are 19 Bronze Trophies, 10 Silver Trophies, 5 Gold Trophies, and 1 Platinum Trophy.

    Code Effect
    Obtain All Ratchet & Clank Trophies Gadget Master
    Gather All 40 Golden Bolts throughout the game Bolt Commando
    Master all 30 skill points Skillful
    Obtain all ten gold weapons Ratchet, King Midas
    Defeat Chairman Drek Drek This!
    Beat the hoverboard challenge in less than 1:35 on Rilgar Speedy
    Obtain the R.Y.N.O. Ultimate Animal
    Attain 15 Skill Points to Unlock Sketchbook in Menu Unlock Sketchbook
    Obtain all regular weapon gadgets Gadgeteer
    Upgrade to Ultra Nanotech Nano This!
    Collect 1,000,000 Bolts Bolt Collector
    Defeat Captain Qwark's Ship All Qwark'd Up
    Obtain the Magneboots Lombax Magnetic
    Obtain the Premium Nanotech upgrade Hit Me More!
    Obtain the Persuader These are not the droids you're looking for...
    Obtain the Suck Cannon Very Sucky
    Do a "Twisty" McMarx" in the hoverboard race Twisted Hoverboard
    Destroy all streetlights in Oltanis Vandal
    Defeat Blarg Station Alien Queen using only the wrench! Girl Trouble
    Use a Sand Mouse to destroy all the tanks on Batalia Eat Lead
    Lure an enemy into a forcefield on Orxon Hey, Over Here!
    Stand between Al's Roboshack Statue's legs on Kerwan Strike a Pose!
    Blow Up 10 Vehicles on Eudora Vehicle Bombardier
    Turn a tank into a chicken on Rilgar Cluck, Cluck
    Destroy Captain Qwark training robot on Kerwan Qwarktastic
    Destroy a fighter or bomber on Novalis Take Aim
    Destroyed three flying transports on Aridia Transported
    On Gaspar, blow up all Blarg destroyers Destroyed
    Shoot a Scream through the sniper hole on Orxon Sniper
    Find and destroy all the crates in the ocean on Pokitaru Buried Treasure
    Score 4500+ on a hoverboard race on Kalebo III Magician
    Kill all Anklebiters on Planet Hoven Pest Control
    Destroy all cargo ships in the base on Orbital Oltanis Sitting Ducks
    Traverse the water region without losing any health on Veldin's Orbital Station Careful Cruise
    Kill 10 elite guards with only the wrench on Veldin Going Commando

    Contributed by: Guard Master 

  2. Ratchet And Clank 2: Going Commando Trophies

    Code Effect
    Obtain all Ratchet & Clank 2: Going Commando trophies He Went Commando
    Obtain All 40 Platinum Bolts Platinum Power
    Attain All 30 Skill Points Super Skilled
    All Weapons, all fully upgraded Destruction Time
    Defeat Mutated Protopet Mutation Complete
    Collect 2 Million Bolts I got bolts to trade
    Kill all enemies with a wrench and without dying on Planet Joba Wrench Ninja II: Massacre
    Max out Nanotech Upgrades Nano To The Max
    Beat the “Impossible Challenge” in the Megacorp games That’s Impossible!
    Buy all weapons, shields, and upgrades for your ship Nice Ride
    Collect 1 Million Bolts Bolted Down
    Grind the train rails without taking any damage on Planet Damosel Midtown Insanity
    Defeat Chainblade in the Arena using only the wrench Wrench Ninja: Blade to Blade
    Obtain R.Y.N.O. II Now its time…
    Obtain the Zodiac Gadget BFG
    Collect 100 Crystals in the desert of Tabora Heal Your Chi
    Protect the 4 civilians in the bank from robots on Planet Damosel Safety Deposit
    Break all breakables inside Megacorp Store on Planet Oozla More Vandalism?
    Play slot machines until you win 300 bolts and the skill point Clank Needs a New Pair of Shoes
    On Planet Dobbo, destroy every building in the city during the boss battle. Robo Rampage
    Collect 100,000 Bolts Bolt Scavenger II
    On Planet Barlow, get a time of 2:10 or less in the hoverbike race Speed Demon
    Shoot down the pterodactyls on Planet Oozla Prehistoric Rampage
    Gain access to the Insomniac Museum Museum Tour
    Mine all 101 crystals in the ice fields on Grelbin Be a Moon Child
    Defeat B2 Brawler without a scratch 2B Hit or Not 2B Hit
    Destroy 10 robots on Endako using the cranes Operate Heavy Machinery
    Grind the power cable and lumber yard without taking damage on Planet Boldan No Shocking Developments
    Collect 50,000 Bolts More Bolts?
    Blow up the snowman on Siberius You can Break a Snow Dan
    Kill 12 birds on Planet Joba Bye Bye Birdies
    Protect all tourists on Planet Todano from the squirrels You’re My Hero
    Turn 16 Squirrels into Sheep on Planet Todano Try to Sleep
    Shoot down 14 ships on Snivelak Moving Violation
    Obtain Carbonox Armor Yay Carbon

    Contributed by: Dante3hsc 

  3. Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal Trophies

    Code Effect
    Obtain all Ratchet & Clank 3: Up Your Arsenal trophies Hero of the Galaxy
    Obtain all 40 Titanium bolts Thorough
    Attain All 30 Skill Points Skill Master
    Get all the Omega Weapons including the Rhynocerator Omega Man
    Complete every battle mission Friend of the Rangers
    Defeat the Biobliterator to complete the game Biobliteration
    Defeat Dr. Nefarious in the Final Battle Nefarious No More
    Get all Qwark Tokens (100%) on all Vid Comics Strive for Arcade Perfection
    Defeat Scorpio with only the wrench in Annihilation Nation Bash the Bug
    Complete the Qwarktastic Battle in Annihilation Nation Qwarktastic Win
    Attain the RY3NO Gadget RY3NO
    Get Ratchet's Nanotech up to 200 (Maxed out!) Nano Finder
    Find the Ratchet Trophy Mini Ratchet
    Find the Clank Trophy Secret Agent Clank
    Collect 10 Million Bolts They Never Stop Comin'!
    Complete the "Path of Death" on Florana without taking any damage Stay Squeeky Clean
    Hit Skrunch the monkey with your wrench on Starship Phoenix Monkeying Around
    Kill 25 enemies with the Refractor on Marcadia Reflect On How To Score
    Destroy all underwater crates on Planet Aquatos Search for Sunken Treasure
    Complete all 8 Gauntlet Challenges on Annihilation Nation Eight Time Champion
    Complete any Gauntlet Challenge without taking any damage Flee Flawlessly
    Collect all 101 Sewer Crystals on Aquatos Hit the Motherload
    Convert 15 Blood Flies into Ducks on Daxx Bugs to Birds
    Jump up onto the Asteroid Belt on the Obani Moon Get to the Belt
    Destroy the Blimp flying around Metropolis It was a very good year…
    Kill 40 Enemies with the Suck Cannon at the Crash Site Suck It Up
    Get 2 seconds of air with the Turbo-Slider on Aridia Go For Hang Time
    Destroy the Snowman at Qwark's Hideout Break the Dan
    Infect 30 Enemies with the Infector Gadget on Mylon Penicillin Anyone?
    Kill 10 Enemies with your Refractor Gadget on Aridia Zap Back At Ya'
    Collect 1 Million Bolts These things keep comin'!
    Get the Snowman Skin Keep the Temperature Low
    Hit the jackpot on a slot machine in Holostar Studios Feeling Lucky?

    Contributed by: shadowcore76