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can this be an only 1 player game? i bought it when it came out but i'm stuck on one part that i'm guessing requries another player. but the thing is i'm not one to play online with people. and the reason i bought the game to begin with wasn't cause it wasd a game that you can only play online. it was cause of a review of it in playstation magazine early last year!  

i had never played any of the games before hand. and it got me interested in the series. and it was the only game that the store had as well. i wanted to see if i'd like the series before i bought any of the other ones.  and i do. i've since bought nearly all of them so far. and i've only beat one of them so far. 


those damn turrets  get me stuck in some of the other games. or whatever the hell they are called. thanxs for the help by the way

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I've only started playing this last night but it seems in single player that the other character is computer controlled allowing you to be able to deal with turrets etc so it should (hopefully) be like this right the way through the game and allow you to play it on single player with few problems.  

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The AI is so crappy that you'll wish you were playing with a real, thinking person.  Methinks they did it on purpose...