This game is the best!

I have over 50 hrs logged in this game and it is still fun that's hard to find! This game is my favorite game ever made I love it!!! Anyone who loves vibrant graphics, a wide car selection, a good challenge, and lots and lots of freedom, will absolutely love this game. If you play this game for a while then you go to Need For Speed and do a race you will se a notable improvement in your driving skills.

This game also has free roam where you can explore hundreds of miles of roads on the Hawaiian island of Oahu. Then once you get tired of that you can go to the map select a race like traffic, the tendril, or slipstream which are just 3 of over 150 races that you can participate in to get credits or just have some fun.Later after you have saved up the money you can drive or teleport to a car dealership and buy 1 of the 72 cars on the game.

Then there is the master point system . When you drive or just do a race you get master points . Master points are points that you cant lose, only gain that if you get a certain amount of them you will get a free car. You can also get a car when you finish a series of races, or become the president of certain clubs which you get invited to by owning a car that is eligible to race in that particular club.

Well there you have it that is basically Test Drive Unlimited in a nutshell.