Not a total disaster

User Rating: 6 | Rambo: The Video Game PS3

I bought Rambo knowing that the game would be bad....very bad. I didn't even rush to play it when I bought it home. I still had Tomb Raider to complete. Once I did, I put the Rambo disk in the machine expecting to not play it any longer than 20 minutes. After all, this is what happened after I inserted Alien: Colonial Marines.
Anyway, what struck me almost straight away was, despite the glaring flaws, that the game is at least playable. And I did not rush to turn it off.

Rambo is a first person rail shooter, so interaction is very limited. You play by the game's rules which can be frustrating because at times you can be faced with a bunch of bad guys and nothing in front to dive behind, effectively giving you a 1 in 80 chance of surviving. The only way you would in this situation is if you have a full mag and is fast with the aim. You will find yourself reloading your guns a lot here, but eventually you will find that the best time to do this is when Rambo is on the move. You will probably die several times before you figure this out. Speaking of dying and low health, the game has a feature where you can activate rage mode. This is when Rambo's kills will gain you a small portion of your health back. Just be sure to have lots of bullets otherwise you will find yourself reloading the gun, wasting this useful tool.

You have a choice of an assault rifle, a pistol and Rambo's famous bow to dispatch the villains. Weapon selection is not generous but you don't need much more. There are cut scenes after each mission although the voice acting is not the best. Apart from the Colonial, I found it difficult to hear Rambo's voice, as if they had taken a bad recording from the movies and spliced them in the game. Graphics are subpar. I'd compare them with a late PS2 or early PS3 game. There is nothing strong here. It's a low budget game and most of what you experience looks and feels cheap.

But shooting the bad guys, even on the game's terms, is fun and it's not something I have personally not got sick of yet. I have not completed Rambo so far but I think I must be near to completion.

Unlike many other low budget games, this one does provide some fun in some kind of capacity. As a prime example, Alien: Colonial Marines contained no fun to try and cover it's issues.

Rambo: The Game is worth a shot (no pun intended) providing that you find it somewhere offering it for a dirt cheap price. Otherwise experienced COD fans should stay away.