Rambo the video game

User Rating: 9 | Rambo: The Video Game PC

I was so excited when this game came out, so I decided to give it a try, first off this is a first person shooter with resident evil 4 elements that you press a key and you got a cut scene if you fail you lose, some scenes you shot enemies,others you use the stealth mode to kill silently the enemies just like the movies, while you play the levels you earn new habilities or skills to inprove Rambo, also you got like a bulletprove time like max payne to kill the enemies and you listen STALONE'S SCREAM AAAAA while you shoot lol. Graphically speaking is not so like the movies some enemies you will see different from the actual ones from the movies ,but is a good game in my opinion especially when you use vehicles.You got some challenges from traumann so you unlock all the weapons in the game and you can choose thouse as secondary weapon. The story starts when a former POW from vietnam make a FAKE funeral so he can help Traumann on afganistan so some element of the movies are not in this game but I think is ok.

Many other games hate the game cuz the graphics or the game is too short of the aim issues but just give it a try if you are a TRUE FAN of RAMBO cuz I think is the first game that shows the movies (first 3) in one game, so trust me then you can rewrite other review to critisize it but trust me you will like it.

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