wow a 6.....really?

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Really gamespot? a effin 6? this piece of shit is something that might even be worse than ride to hell let alone be according to you on par with games like thief and arkham origins. WTF a 2 hour crappy rail shooter getting a 6...this is one of those times when if someone would say gamespot was paid off i would belive them. This must be a joke........

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@BlazeKingz: Welcome to the real world bro.

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I agree that giving this the same score as arkham origins is rich. But look at any review site on music, film or games and you are going to find inconsistencies. Sequels normally get compared to what came before and that was the case for Origins which didn't offer anything much new.

I'm going to be one of the few who stick up for the game as well. Firstly, it's a helluva lot more playable and better made than the unfinished Ride to hell.. And secondly, what is not true in the review. It ain't gonna be remembered in a few months or be in end of year lists but it's a fun rail shooter.

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Yeah this is a new low-point for gamespot!

But who cares? The internet is full of good reviewers and gaming-websites. Only gamespot makes themselves irrelevant.

Nothing more and nothing less.