This game actually is great

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My brother in law is helping develop the game and i was shown a mission in it, it doesn't look half bad. It's from the 2nd movie when Rambo steals the chopper and raids the village looking for the POW's. The graphics, obviously, look average at best but come on, it is a low budget game. You can't buy a Ford Cortina and complain because it isn't up to the quality of a Mazda 3. Anyway, the gunplay is very satisfying and the developers obviously are faithful to the source material. Rambo also has some reused voice work from the films, you can hear the actual lines as he's shouting at the hostages to get to the chopper. I never say the glitch with the machine gun, but it did have some pop in and bad textures, which will be fixed before release. There's also going to be a good bit of stealth and sleuthing, akin to the original and vehicle sections. Overall, this game won't be a masterpiece, but it looks like it'll be decent for fans of Stallone and Rambo.
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How does the stealth part look, does rambo have a lot of different stealth kills? 

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"This game actually is great"

2 paragraphs later " this game won't be a masterpiece" lawl