I really hope this isn't bad.

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John Rambo is one of my favorite movie characters, I hope this game does the movies justice. If it's just another bad movie licensed game, I don't think my heart could take it.

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I am worried too because the game has so much potential. Imagine playing Rambo as he is about to get shaved in the jail and you bust out and hop on that dirt bike with the music playing that would be so awesome. I don't know though, I may wait to read a review first.

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I bet the Australian version will be censored to the max, to ensure it's suitable for all ages....
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should try the book.

it used to be required college reading material in political science before the films and the hype.

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The developer doesn't have a good record so this game will probably be terrible. It's a shame because I love First Blood. Just because I love the film I'll keep this game on my radar.
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This game is very bad made, bad control, he walks independently, I want to have control of this character, ugly face,