THE...BEST...PARTY..GAME..EVAR!!! yes I said it.

User Rating: 9.5 | Rakugaki Showtime PS
I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!! it's just too bad that's it's rare to find now. Rakugaki Showtime is a mix of Super Smash Bros Mellee and games like river city ransom or streets of rage. this review is based on the japanese version (Idunno if there's any difference but I never played the american version so....yeah). Graphics: TEH Sheat!! the graphics are great, but remember that this is a PS1 game so it's not like doom 3 great. it has a unique style that combines Parrappa the rapper and Okami, the characters looks like they're on a piece of paper and is coming alive. sound: Great, great sound FXs and good voice over (remember this is the japanese voice over thet I'm talking about) Gameplay: OMG!!!!! the controlls are great, and game is addicting and fun. just like I said this is like super smash bros mellee in an isometric view. with lots of explosions and commotion going on. you pretty much just choose a character and go into battle with out numbering....numbers of enemies, sometimes you'll have a partner helping you out and that's no problem since they don't get in the way. this is a classic Japanese Based game that only about 5 other people know about. if you ever, EVER!!! find this game. buy it!!! because you'll probably never see it again.