Could have been an awesome game, but...

User Rating: 7 | Rainbow Moon PS3
Rainbow Moon is one of those games for players who like to build up their characters and see them getting stronger and powerful, which means, in other words, grinding. Although that may repel some people, thats not the reason I gave this game a 6. The game is very extense, and there are tons of things to do, but it gets boring fast, where you kill wave after wave using the same old skills, to get the same old loot. The graphics are very very bad, even something more cartoonish, 16 bit graphic would've given the game a better atmosphere. The characters design is horrible and even wearing some neat armor they still look bad. The music is so so, it doesnt get on your nerves so I guess its ok. The DLCs are kinda gamebreaking, giving you very powerful conditions when I think that DLCs should be cosmetic, never interferring in the game's path. Its not a bad game, but it could be much better.