Rainbow Moon: My thoughts of the game.

User Rating: 8.5 | Rainbow Moon PS3
I downloaded this game last year off of the PSN and I thought was this was good and very addicting. Rainbow Moon to me, does not have a great storyline, but has very addicting gameplay. The story is about Baldren, who winds up in an unknown land, known as the Rainbow Moon. Baldren goes on a quest to find a way back to his home and defeat his arch rival Namoris. I couldn't get into the storyline all too well. The game does have addicting gameplay. Once I started playing this game, I could not stop playing. Rainbow Moon is a Stretegy RPG, so you have a grid that you move your characters on. Each character has sub turns, which determine how many spaces a chaacter can move. You start with three sub turns for each character and as your character levels up, your character could gain a sub turn, which will allow your character to move more spaces on the grid.Your characters can learn special abilities that are used to attack monsters and assist with other characters. So what do I think about the characters in Rainbow Moon? IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT YOU THINK! The characters in Rainbow Moon are bland and generic. They don't have much of a personality and are not in the least bit memorable. Once you complete Rainbow Moon, it unlikely that you are going to remember each character. Rainbow Moon has some of the best graphics of all of the PSN downloads. The graphics are very colorful and wonderful to look at. The battle sequences were very smooth. The primary core of Rainbow Moon is character development. This game primarily focuses on level grinding, which can get repetitive, but often than not, levelling up your characters will actually keep you playing just like an MMORPG. Your characters are capped at Level 80 during the Main Story. Once you complete the Main Story, the level cap will grow to 150. As you complete certain quests in the post game, the level cap will grow from I believe 150 to 400 to 750 to 999. You can raise your characters up to Level 999. There are three level trophies (100, 250 and 500) to obtain if you're attempting to get the Platinum trophy. This game has tons of side quests to do. You get a trophy if you complete 40 side quests. You're definetely going to need to do the side quests to help you complete the Main Story. These side quests give from a range of lots of money to special weapons to keys that unlock optional dungeons, which you get trophies for if you discover the optional dungeons. In all, it took me about 85 hours to complete the Main Story and that's with completing a little over 40 sidequests. There are two trophies you obtain if you play this game for 40-100 hours. One thing Rainbow Moon has that is very unique is food. You use the food obtained in shops or in dungeons to keep your characters alive. There is a certain ability that will allow your characters to survive without food. Once I found that ability, I did not need to worry about food anymore. You earn Rainbow Pearls to enhance the attributes of your characters (HP, Attack, Defense, MP etc.). Earning Rainbow Pearls can be a pain since it takes a lot of Rainbow Pearls to boost your character's attributes. This can frustrate you, like it did me. One really frustrating thing in this game is the Lottery. Depending on which level of the Lottery is unlocked, you can bet somewhere 35 to 35,000 Rainbow Coins (the money of this game) to win a prize. The categories range from C to S. The Lottery is completely random and if you're trying to get the Lottery trophies (2 S category, 5 A category, 10 total bets), you're likely to constantly restart your Playstation 3 a lot. So anyway, Rainbow Moon is a great game to download and you won't be dissapointed.