Railroad Tycoon Cheats For PC

  1. Force the computer-controlled players to go bankrupt early.

    Whenever a computer-controlled player begins the game, immediately look for the player's starting location on the map. Since computers always begin by placing a single railroad station near their company's headquarters, purchase the land on both sides of the station as soon as you can by placing a railroad track on both sides of the station so that the computer can't connect tracks from it. If you do this before the computer starts placing its own tracks from its first station, the computer will do nothing and eventually go bankrupt.

    If the computer has already started placing tracks from its first station, you can force the computer to resell already placed track by interrupting the computer's placement with your own railroad tracks; the computer may try to build over your tracks with ramps or bridges (costing it more money), so you must interrupt it as much as necessary. At some point the computer will resell its tracks all the way back to its station at which point you may block the railroad station.

    Doing this will give you more time in the long run to establish a monopoly over your current map. The cost of railroad tracks that you used to block your opponents with is insignificant to the potential amount of money you can take in without competition.

    Contributed by: dark lancer 

  2. Cheat Codes

    Press TAB to bring up cursor, then type in the codes below:

    Code Effect
    Let me in All Denied Territories
    AMD103 All Engines become AMD103s at Expense of Profit
    Speed Racer Doubles Maximum Train Speed
    Show me the trains Give All Engines
    Slush fund Give Character $1 Million
    Powerball Give Character $100 Million
    King of the hill Give Character $100,000
    Viagra Increase City Size
    BoBo Lose Scenario
    BogfootBronze Win with Bronze Victory
    BigfootGold Win with Gold Victory
    BigfootSilver Win with Silver Victory
    casey jones Competitor's trains crash
    output Doubles industrial centre

    Contributed by: A B C 

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Railroad Tycoon Cheats For Amiga

  1. Get an easy $500,000

    When you are viewing the overview map that is the least detailed, simply pressing $ gets you $500,000 instantly! You can repeat this as many times as you wish.

    Contributed by: Crazyreyn 

  2. Extra Money

    During gameplay, hold [Shift] + Y to add to your money total. Note: Do not go over $32,000,000

    Contributed by: Bodobodot 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

Type Name File Size
FAQ FAQ by DMitton 8K