Yeah, good game..

User Rating: 6.8 | Railroad Tycoon II PC
I don't really know how I got this game, it's not really something I'd go out and buy I don't think, as I'm not particularly interested in trains, or where they go... at all. Maybe I got it as a present from a certain uncle..

As from what I can remember playing the game it was interesting to design the railroads and such, but I didn't really get that much out of the game. It was the same thing over and over.

I don't know if anyone else agrees, I just don't see this game going anywhere. It's like the Sims, although that game was supree-adictive. The Sims had something that Railroad Tycoon 2 doesn't, it has a purpose to play it, aswell as the Sims 2, which was aspiration meters and such. Railroad Tycoon's objectives are basic, and boring.