Walkthroughs & FAQs

Type Name File Size
Character Guide Mage/Wizard/High Wizard FAQ by Ryock 68K
Character Guide Stalker Guide by ragnaroknike 25K
Character Guide AGI Combo Champion Guide by ragnaroknike 28K
Other Card Combo Guide by Kridly 18K
Character Guide Perma Taekwon Kid Guide by masterdiwa 24K
Character Guide Soul Linker FAQ by Ryock 32K
Character Guide Lord Knight Guide by Moonsummit 38K
Character Guide AGI Spear Crusader/Paladin Guide by ragnaroknike 61K
Character Guide Battlesmith Guide by killeroflight 46K
Character Guide True Alchemist FAQ by Ryock 46K
Other Card Database by SoulEclipse 57K
Other Skills Guide by SoulEclipse 384K
Character Guide Battle Priest FAQ by killeroflight 35K
Other Super Novice Skill Tree by ragnaroknike 30K
Character Guide Dodge Assassin Cross Guide by ragnaroknike 26K
Character Guide Perma-Novice Guide by Knifemare 37K
Other War of Emperium Guide by ragnaroknike 37K
Character Guide 2-Hand AGI Knight/Lord Knight Guide by ragnaroknike 77K
Character Guide Turn Unread/High Priest Guide by ragnaroknike 32K
Character Guide Professor/Scholar Guide by Battousai X 14K
Character Guide Elemental Sage/Scholar FAQ by ragnaroknike 15K
Character Guide Champion Guide by Calx Zinra 77K
Character Guide Monk Guide by Calx Zinra 121K
Other iRO Chaos Street Market Price List by lucky me 76K
Character Guide Shield Crusader Guide by Ragenarok 27K
Character Guide Combo Monk Guide by LordTopak 29K
Other Comodo Patch Quest Skills FAQ by Battousai X 19K
Character Guide Rogue Guide by Calx Zinra 101K
Other Advanced 2nd Job FAQ by Iluna 95K
FAQ FAQ by bsides 49K
Character Guide Bard/Dancer/Clown/Gypsy Guide by aldoteng 123K
Character Guide Wizard/Mage FAQ by Kiruwa 53K
Character Guide Battle Acolyte/Priest Guide by Calx Zinra 93K
Character Guide Grand Cross Crusader FAQ by CriminallyVulgar 24K
Other Trap Hunter Guide by jaypogi 22K
Other Guild FAQ by Anthwerp 47K
Other Archer/Hunter FAQ by F0rever Zer0 108K
Character Guide Double Dagger Poison Assassin Guide by peropero11 47K
Other Ensembler Support Bard/Dancer Guide by Dikiwinky 49K
Character Guide Battle Alchemist FAQ by slashgg 14K
Other iRO Chaos Market Prices by mrwiseman 20K
Other Priest Guide by admira 98K
Other Swordsman Guide by Wong Yeang Chiong 29K
Character Guide Monk Guide by admira 73K
Other Mixing Item Quests FAQ by blood3d 114K
Character Guide Bard Guide by Jath 29K
Character Guide Forging Merchant/Blacksmith Guide by Guide Maker 73K
Character Guide Alchemist Guide by ArislanX 23K
Character Guide Hybrid Knight Guide by Maruko 161K
Other B.S. Sacramenti Guide by Skygor 34K
Other True Acolyte FAQ by Anthwerp 29K
FAQ FAQ by weggy100 717K
Character Guide Crusader FAQ by Tangowr 16K
Other Lancer FAQ by TrinityUser 25K
Character Guide Knight/Crusader FAQ by Edge* 77K
Character Guide Dagger Assassin Guide by anjingbalap 47K
Other Philippine RO [pRO] Street Price List by iandjx 13K
Character Guide Battleforger Guide by i3lckdeth 17K
Character Guide Sage Guide by Calx Zinra 101K
Other Perma-Novice Guide by Mad Monarch Gyl 99K
Other Flee Chart by Kula 9K
Other War of Emperium Guide by Arctic Breeze 67K
Other Monster Skills FAQ by unknown13 19K
Other Philippine Etiquette/Beginner's FAQ by TAKOYAKI 121K
Other MVP FAQ by CaptainFAI 48K
Character Guide Spear Knight FAQ by mangdiws 22K
Other Dungeon FAQ by excaladbiur 16K
Character Guide Battle Priest Guide by Phelan 34K
Other Assassin Guide by Mistiknoname3k 33K
Other Swordsman Guide by vgmaster88 101K
Other Arrow Crafting FAQ by Godhand 31K
Other Flee Chart by chillywilly 20K
Other Lancer/Spear Knight Guide by Mad Monarch Gyl 56K
Other Monsters FAQ by AZn2th3N 78K
Other Agility Wizard FAQ by lvlika 67K
Other Battle Acolyte Guide by Mad Monarch Gyl 74K
Other Archer/Hunter FAQ by Giga Bahamut 39K
Other Acolyte/Priest FAQ by H0BGOBLIN 32K
Other Perma-Novice Guide by soujiro 28K
Other Dual Weapon Assassin Guide by Mistiknoname3k 26K
Other Battlesmith Guide by the only KoW 28K
Other Cute Pet Guide by Strider VM 8K
Other Items FAQ by shortymjh 42K
Other Town Maps by PsoRaven 176K
Other Real Swordsman FAQ by JBKMDX 39K
Other Swordsman/Knight Guide by Psycho Battousai 42K
Other System Requirements/Performance FAQ by Strider VM 12K
Other Weapon Guide by RoboShop 39K
Other Card Guide/List by Tangowr 17K
Other Thief/Assassin Guide by Jufluco 19K
Other Secondary Classes Skill List by ZephyrJK 36K
Other Thief Guide by node 47K
Other Merchant Guide by fwuffy kitty 17K
Other DC/OC Merchant Price List by fwuffy kitty 12K
Other Item List by SJK 43K
Other Dealing w/ Merchants FAQ by ArtemisFur 21K
Other Mage FAQ by Kyros 22K
Other FAQ (Alpha Version) by Halbarad 25K