A good fix untill Monster Hunter 3rd (Or whatever version it will be called)comes out for the Vita.

User Rating: 8.5 | Ragnarok Odyssey VITA
I was hoping for a title like Monster Hunter like many people to make it's way to the vita. I have spent literally hundreds of hours playing monster hunter freedom unite as well as both of the prior titles and this game hits the mark for my monster slaying and gear upgrading fix. There are a few things about this game such as the cheap one shot moves some of the bosses do and the inability to block most attacks from bosses even with the proper cards equipped that they should of changed. Beyond these minor issues the difficulty is just what you would want from this type of game. The mis of monsters and bosses were diverse enough that i'm not getting bored and the minimal story and NPC interaction means you need to focus on gathering materials and upgrading your armor and weapons. You can play most of the game as one class if you want. You may need to switch to the Hammersmith for a few boss fights if your gear is under par. All in all a great game, if your a fan of MH then I recommend picking this game up.