Rage of the Dragons Cheats For NeoGeo

  1. Unlockable Characters

    Code Effect
    In the character select screen, rapidly do this combination: up, up, up, up, down, down, down, left, left, right. If done correctly, Abubo will appear in the middle of all characters. Play as Abubo
    In versus mode, after you have selected your characters, hold all the buttons (ABCD) until the round starts. NOTE: Johann will mimic the colors of the character you selected, so anything other than the default color will result in a nasty appearance. Play as Johann

    Contributed by: Omni Maxtron 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

Type Name File Size
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FAQ/Move List FAQ/Move List by Roman Niucumir 19K
FAQ/Move List FAQ/Move List by Goh_Billy 82K
Character Guide Cassandra by ASRA KAZAMA 13K
FAQ/Move List FAQ/Move List by ENEFEKTO 66K
FAQ/Move List FAQ/Move List by Wally Domey 64K
Other Endings Guide by themysticalpoulet2 23K
Character Guide Pepe/Pupa by Hayato Kanzaki 36K
Character Guide Jimmy/Sonia by Hayato Kanzaki 32K
Combo FAQ Combo FAQ by TerryBogard 73K
Character Guide Radel by JFawcett 10K