What could be better than a free copy of Super Mario Galaxy? A free copy of Super Mario Galaxy 2.

Game play: 10/10
The thing I really like to do in this game is be on a Yoshi. The bosses are very creative and a favourite of mine is Mega-Hammer the giant electrical three-legged octopus. I also like the fact you can unlock Luigi in world 3. Luigi isn't as good as Mario, though.

Sound: 9/10
If possible the sound is even better than before; the cool ba-ding of the coins. The music is the best bit. It's really peaceful. Next thing you know it's quite scary.

Graphics: 10/10
The way enemies are done is quite simple unlike bosses, Mario and Luigi.

Story: 10/10
This game has excellent story. Once you finish one story, you have to go to the next.

Overall: 10/10
Overall this game is a big improvement to the first if possible because of its amazing sound, graphics, game play, and story.