Trading RoB for Darklord Legends

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Line or Kik me at WizzyMcJr to discuses any deals. What I have 4-7 Sk 10 Echinda SSR 4-7 Sk 10 Jorm SSR 4-7 Sk 7 Jorm SSR 4-7 Sk 5 DG SSR And some other worthless evo SRs. Also have 28 hp on me at the moment. What I want is tons and tons of URs. I won't do one UR for one of my cards so don't waste your time I have around 650 hp value in cards and at most I've seen URs only go for 40 hp. Shoot me a msg if your game ^.^ and have a nice day.
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Oh also willing to trade for pots and what not. Nyan and Wub Wub ppl Nyan and Wub Wub...
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Update Both Jorms and hp are gone, still have skill 10 Echi.