Trading my Enkidu. Price is on the rise so get it now!

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Here are the only trades I will take

FF Gilg + HP

FF Thor

1 or 2 Heracles ( I will add if there is 2 or you will add if there is only 1 )

FF Ralph ( Will add a FF S. Valk or some HP )

2 Odin

Qilin + 250HP

The price are going up quick. The more that are being used as evo's the less there are on the market. There was only a little over 1000 released so there can only be 250 FF's! Get em before the chance is gone and prices skyrocket after HW

Support me at royaities. I can ad a FF S. Valk, 15k Ares, and/or HP depending on trade.

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Also looking for DQ's.