looking to trade my amazing s/ss rare man atkk deck for a man def deck

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Hello, i have several man cards that are atk cards listed below, my order is in dire need of a def leader, so i volunteered. for this reason iim trading my atk deck for defense cards. here are the cards i have to trade along with their respective stats: [Fated Knight] Tristan ATK: 17668 Def: 13355 skill level:6 Evo: 4-6 [Swordswoman] Claymore Maid ATK: 17421 Def:13932 SKILL LEVEL: 10 Evo: 4-6 [Insane Rage] Berserker ATK: 17221 def: 10973 Skill level: 2 Evo: 4-6 [Instant Death] Master Samurai ATK: 17400 def: 12921 Skill level: 4 Evo: 4-6 [Star Possessor] Great Spirit ATK: 13664 def:13458 Skill level: 8 Evo: 4-6 [Magic Librarian] Grimoire Mina Atk: 1300 def: 8850 skill level: 2 Evo: Standard 19 card evo You can contact me via pm, kik (iamredeemed97), or in game support, or replying her, thank you! IGN; salochin0217
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I have a

4-6 Paladin sk 5

4-6 paladin sk 6

4-6 Captain sk 2

4-6 Captain sk 3

I'm interested in your claymore and tristan