Looking for a strong extremely active rank >100 order !!!

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lev 65

85att-85def base

100-150 hp for hw

2 att per hp atm

attack deck with yuki clay+10

ing expmaxedout


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atk me I want to see your offense deck

ign: gtran09

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you see it now :))
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Anarchy is recruiting

Message Soulcatcher1224 for more info

Must have base 70k Def and Attk, be active and HP to burn during HW

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We have spot for 1 person.  Weare honestly probably closer to a top 200 spot, but not sure with all that happened with the bazaar etc.  We have a great order with great message boards

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Hi all, We are a social order that are very active and want to rank as high as possible without spending tons of hp or cash. are you very active and 70k+ atk and def send me a message ingame or on kik messenger: unorthodox09 Defeat paradoxis09 and you are probably get a request to join! Order info: Level 56 Members 32 ( will be going down to 27 after event we have 5 feeder accounts in for this event) Walls more then enough and rupies 42.000.000 and a lot more to donate. Last Holywar was our first holy war after we kicked loads of inactive ones we ended up 711 with 30 wins. Last event we ended up 711 and halloween event we are around 700 atm. So are you very active and want to have some fun and still rank good and get some nice rewards let me know!