Should I pick up this game?

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I can rent this game for $7 or buy it new for $10. Any suggestions since I'm seeing quite a bit of mixed reviews...

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Buy it! I'm not even a massive fan of fps, but this game is well put together. The Doom crew know how to put together an atmospheric mutant shooter, thats for sure. The only blip is the end feels a little rushed, but, maybe just maybe theres a Raged 2 in the post! Buy it, & let us know how you get on.
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Well worth it, buy it!
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Don't buy this game as it is riddled with bugs with no solution in sight. And if you actually can play the game, it is like any other FPS out there. Not worth the money

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Well, I did two playthroughs & encountered no bugs, glitches or crashes. The ending was rushed, but other than that its solid. Saying that, I don't care if anyone buys it, it matters not to me.
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For me, it's a GameFly. I've been playing for a while, and while it's semi-open, in practice it's linear, and I don't enjoy the combat enough to play through it again. I really would only buy a single-player only game if it was truly open and really long (i.e. Skyrim and Bethesda's other games) or warranted multiple playthroughs (Mass Effect 3, for Renegade/Paragon, for Extended Cut, well and ME3 isn't even just single-player, co-op rocks with the free updates). I don't count the racing as multiplayer. The driving in Rage's single-player is a fun but shallow side-addition IMO.

That being said, I'm only on Disc 1 so it seems like it will be a fairly long game. I don't think it would be a total waste of money to buy it, I just thing money is more well-spent elsewhere. If you don't have GameFly or another rental service I would try and borrow it from someone else.

EDIT: I don't know if the guy above is raging from a launch experience, but at this point in time I can speak for the Xbox 360 version at least not having any bugs during the 4 hours or so I've played. The hit detection seems a little weird and I don't know WTF is up with the random pellet spread of the shotgun but neither is truly annoying.

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For $3 more just buy it... I think it's worth $10 if you're into FPS. 

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Whats ten dollars, I wife my ass with ten dollars :D

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Whats ten dollars, I wife my ass with ten dollars :D


I am hoping you meant to say "wipe" there! :)

I am in the buy the game camp, if nothing else ID always get the shooter mechanic right! It is fun and satisfying shooting bandits in the head. The ending is rushed and the game could have been a little more open-ended... other than that, great game.

As for bugs, my PC is a bit old so had some performance issues, plenty help on the Internet though that fixed it. No other technical issues... can't speak for console versions though.