Regards racing control keys WASD

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Regards racing control keys WASD I am a first gen gamer and developing arthritis in my hands, as us baby boomers age carpal tunnel and such age related disability will become an issue all to fast for all of us who live long enough. I did find with persistence I could go to controller settings for PC keyboard and switch key D for Mouse 2 and key A for mouse 1 which helped me a lot. I can not see why we can not just drive same as we walk, changing direction by strafing mouse. I bought this thinking as in Fallout 3 and New Vegas I could focus on FPS at my own pace, life responsibility and time limits kept me a casual level gamer, but I am not alone feeling a good game you interact with is a better entertainment investment than passive cable TV and tired old formula programming, especially at today's prices in this economy. The strongest gaming houses I believe will be those that remember the market of their aging fans, I hope Bethesda does not loose track of their long time fans.